Cypress / Cupressus sp.

Scientific name: Cupressus sp.

Common name (English / Spanish / Catalan): Cypress / Ciprés / Xiprer

Evergreen tree, highly branched, forming a crown elongated and narrowly conical in some species and spheroidal in others. Leaves are tiny, scale-like, of 1-2 mm, arranged in 4 rows and cover completely the branch.
They are monoecious plants (male and female flowers on the same plant, but separate) with very simple flowers, grouped in what we call cones. The male cones are cylindrical and about 0,5 cm long; the female cones are spherical and measure about 0,5 cm in diameter. Fruits (or seed cones) are woody, spherical, up to 3 cm in diameter, changing from green to brown when they mature.
The flowers begin to develop in summer. Pollination begins in winter and lasts until the end of spring.