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Holm oak / Quercus ilex

Scientific name: Quercus ilex

Common name (English / Spanish / Catalan): Holm oak / Encina / Alsina

Evergreen tree, with dark and cracked bark and wide and dense crown. Leaves are hard (sclerophyllous) with the margin generally dentate, dark green in the upper face and white-grayish by the presence of hairs in the reverse (lower face). The leaf morphology is oblong, and can vary considerably even within the same individual.
They are monoecious plants (male and female flowers on the same plant, but separate). Very small and simple masculine flowers are gathered in great numbers around pendulous twigs (inflorescences in catkin), which take a yellowish color, then orange, and, in maturity, brown. The female flowers are not very showy, and are isolated or in groups of two at the end of the branches. Its fruits are acorns.
Flowers from March to May-June.


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