App Planttes

What is it?

Planttes is a citizen science project that aims to inform about the presence of allergenic plants in the environment and the level of allergy risk depending on their phenological status. The objective is to help to understand better the relationship between the environment and allergic diseases, contributing to improve the quality of life of the people who suffer them.


With Planttes, the citizen can contribute to elaborate a map of the phenological state (presence of closed flower, of open flower and / or fruit) of the plants in the surroundings that cause allergy. To know the state of the plants allows to interpret whether it is in phase of pollen emission to the enviroment and, therefore, if it may be causing allergy to those people who are sensitive.

Who promotes it?

The Point of Information of Aerobiology (PIA) of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB) and the Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology (BABVE), in tight collaboration with the Computer Vision Center (CVC) and the Library Living Lab of, all of them from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).




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